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Exterior Estates is an asphalt shingle specialist and specialist in roofing repairs. We use BP Shingles for their hardiness in the Canadian climate.

In our 15 years in business, we have seen almost anything that can possibly go wrong with an asphalt roof. Estate Exteriors are often contracted by larger companies to diagnose and fix leaks – because we do the easy jobs and the hard jobs - right.

While there may be other roofers as good as us, there are none better. If you have a difficult place on your roof that is a recurring problem, or a new one, call us or email. We would love to help.

Here are just a few roofing repair issues we see frequently.

Wind Damage

Loose or torn shingles are usually caused by high winds breaking through the tar lines. This happens earlier than it should on shingles that don’t have nails in the proper places or too few nails. We conscientiously hit the nail strip line with every hammer blow. The nail strip line is the double layer right above the exposed face that gives the shingle its strength – even when they bind, or the tar strip begins to fail. Lack of proper nailing is why many 7-10 year-old roofs have shingles blown off – long before the end of the lifespan of a roof. 


Ice damming causes leaks into your house. This happens in winter, when ice makes its way around flashing or under shingles, during extreme cold periods. It then melts into you house when things warm up and the heat from your home reaches the ice. The melting ice is the reason you see and hear steady dripping.


Many leaks come from roof corners – where house and garage meet or at chimney corners. They are probably the most common leak when we do roof repairs. Improperly flashed corners are very common. We have been fixing them for more than 10 years.

We have a huge portfolio of metal work to be referred to on my Instagram.


  • Holes in roofs are always vulnerable to leaking.

  • Chimneys and Skylights are most common.

  • Eavetroughs or gutters, clogged with leaves and other material, can block the flow of water.

  • Backed up water will find cracks along the roofline to enter your home.

  • Aging shingles are another major cause of roof leaks – and aging can be sped up with poor quality shingles, poor installation, flow from eavestroughs onto shingles on lower roofs, and the extremes of winters in Ontario.

Customers appreciate our service and attention to detail:

Michael Slater: - My mom was ripped off by two roofing contractors after having her roof replaced twice in the past 10 years and the roof was still leaking. Tim checked out the roof and promptly found the issues causing the problem… After heavy rain this past few days the roof is no longer leaking! Also, he blended and matched the shingles, so the roof looks awesome

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Serving York Region and surrounding areas. 


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